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Which data type is appropriate to store age of person?
Which data type is appropriate to store age of person

Data Type to store AGE

Designing a database is a very critical part of any project as well as for programming purposes. It is more important to choose the right data type a single mistake will lead to below negative situations:

  1. Not able to serve the desired objective with data type
  2. In-efficient Performance (slow speed)
  3. Not able to handle correct or complex operations on the information
  4. Occupies huge storage volume
  5. Not scalable

To avoid the above situations, one should be very careful while using data types.

Age as Integer - if you only want to save aga as a whole number like 23, 45, 56, 87, 12, etc, then you can store it as integer datatype.

Tip: it would be great if you can store the date of birth instead of age, in this way you can retrieve other information along with age like - age in days, birth anniversary, age in month, age in weeks. 

Take a call and decide which one works for you. 

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