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What is DBMS - Full form and basic details
What is DBMS - Full form and basic details

Database Management System

What is DBMS (Database Management System), one of the most common questions asked by senior secondary or college students? In this tutorial we will cover some basic aspects of DBMS.

DBMS is a software that organizes the storing and retrieval of data. It also ensures the integrity, consistency, uniformity, and security of data. Simply DBMS is a collection of similar kind of data which represents real-world data.

The person who manages and plans the storing and retrieval of DBMS is known as a Database Administrator.

There are two basic paradigms of DBMS 

  1. DDL (Data Definition Language) - It deals with the creation of schemas like tables and views. Which will be used to store or show the data. A number of columns, Column type, length, keys are usually defined in this phase.
  2. DML (Data Manipulation Language) - This explains how data can be inserted, retrieved, deleted, or altered. Select an alternate command is example of this option.

Sometimes people get confused and consider DBMS as Data Binding Management Software, which is totally wrong. 

Data Binding is a method that binds data from the source to the consumer. For example if data is stored in DBMS and you are using c# as programming language then to bind the data of DBMS into web controls you will require DATA BINDING.

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